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World Mining Museum

Planning a trip to Montana? I recommend you visit the site of the World Mining Museum. The World Mining Museum is located at Montana Tech University in Butte, MT. This museum is incredible and is literally known worldwide in the mining industry. When we visited we found people from all over the country and the guest book, which had entries from 131 countries they said. Wow. The entire city of Butte, MT is literally a museum in itself, we recommend you go and check it out and learn a little about how we became the greatest country in the world through our early efforts in heavy industry. The Industrial Revolution is also well documented and the time lines are fascinating. Butte, MT is the home to four different mines, all but one are now closed.

Montana Tech University is fast becoming a high tech computer University, but still is world renowned in mining and manufacturing. They offer Graduate Programs in; General Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, Metallurgical and Mineral Process Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering, Project Engineering, Technical Communication and a series of degrees in association with the University of Montana at Missoula in the Geo Science fields of Hydrogeology, Geochemistry and Geophysical Engineering. All degree programs have an emphasis on Mine and Mineral Waste technologies. No wonder The World Mining Museum is located on campus.

All Americans should salute the new advances in technologies to extract our wealth of natural resources underneath our feet with the least exposure to the environment and the fastest and most efficiency possible to keep us on the leading edge of innovation and flush with the abundance of Natural Resources. Think about it.

Lance Winslow

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