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New Scientist

Are you tired of waiting six months for New Scientist to circulate around your office? Knowing full well that article you wanted to read is buried somewhere in the chaos that is your bosses desk is so frustrating, but you can hardly be caught rifling through your bosses ‘filing system’ now can you!!! And of course if you are looking for a job you need to have access to all the job advertisements on the day of publication, not twelve weeks later.

New Scientist, the magazine for anyone who is interested in science.  Subscribe Now!

New Scientist was first published in 1954 for anyone interested in science, engineering and technology. Covering topics from Chemistry to Psychology, Materials to Computing, and Biology to Geology, they have the latest science news, patents, and science careers advice. They get the inside information form the world’s top laboratories, and bring you the latest news from the scientific journals. And of course they have always kept their sense of humour, with the Last Word, Feedback, Enigma, puzzles and cartoons.

Their jobs section has one of the biggest selections of vacancies from the UK, and around the world with posts from both industry and academia.

Subscribers not only get New Scientist delivered to their door, they also have access to the subscription only areas of the website and the archive of over 60,000 articles from the last 10 years issues.

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