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The Sciences Good Study Guide

A. Northedge, A. Lane, A. Peasgood, Jeff Thomas

The Sciences Good Study Guide

The Sciences Good Study Guide is the essential guide to the study skills you need if you are studying any branch of science – engineering, mathematics, science or technology. Written primarily for Open University students by four OU lecturers, the book is however intended to be used by anyone studying science. It will therefore be valuable to any students aged 16+, whether at school, college, university or studying at home on a distance learning course.

The topics covered include:

Getting Organised – What the purpose of study is, how to use the knowledge that you already have and how to organise your study.

Reading and Making Notes – How to find the information you need, how to read scientific literature, how to deal with technical jargon and how to take notes.

Working With Diagrams – How to ‘read’ a diagram, understanding copying and creating different types of diagrams.

Learning and Using Mathematics – Reading mathematical texts, studying and practising maths, and how to approach solving mathematical problems.

Working with Numbers and Symbols – Dealing with decimals, units, common scientific, chemical and mathematical symbols.

Different Ways of Studying – How to get the most out of working alone, with other people, tutorials, lectures, audio visual studying and field work.

Studying with a Computer – Getting the best out of your computer whether you are familiar with or new to PCs.

Observing and Experimenting – Advice on creating useful experiments and analysing the results.

Writing and Assignments – How to present information and experimental results, and how to approach multiple choice questions.

Tackling Examinations – How to prepare and revise for exams and how to tackle the paper when you get into the exam room.

The book has activities for you to try which will help with your study skills and an extensive section of ‘Maths Help’ covering the main mathematical techniques required by most science students, this book is indispensable for any one embarking on a science course. Written in a friendly and accessible way, I certainly wish I had had this type of advice available to me when I was studying.


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