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    Brass information from the Copper Development Association. Aimed at specifiers, designers, engineers and manufacturers, it provides technical information, reasons for using brass, and information about recycling brass.
    Market development, engineering and information services arm of the copper industry, chartered to enhance and expand markets for copper and its alloys in North America.
  • Wikipedia
    Encyclopedia definition of Brass.
  • Umist Materials Information
    Brass micrographs and phase diagram. (The Umist website willl soon be migrating to the new University of Manchester website, so enjoy while it's still available!)
  • Foundry fopars
    Useful information of the possible problems and dangers of casting brass, from a caster's personal experience.
  • Olin Brass
    Brass component manufacturer involved in the research, development and delivery of "tailor-made" copper and copper alloy products. Site includes technical alloy information.
  • Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery
    Information on Brass as a naturally occuring mineral.


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