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  • The Nickel Institute
    Generates and communicates knowledge required to support safe and sustainable production, use and reuse of nickel.
  • NiPERA
    Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association, an independently incorporated division of the Nickel Institute.
  • International Nickel Study Group
    Organization of nickel producing, consuming and trading countries. Purpose is to collect and publish statistics on nickel markets, to publish information on nickel, and to provide a forum for discussions on nickel issues.
  • Nickel Forum
    This website is intended as an information resource for all our industry partners and all others interested in the progress and outcome of the European Risk Assessment of Nickel. It highlights the issues that may have a direct effect on nickel business in the future.
  • United States Geological Survey
    Nickel Statistics and Information
    Nickel Mineral Data
    Nickel information, history and uses.
  • Lenntech
    Chemical and health information on Nickel.
  • Unnatural look for nickel
    Physicists have made a form of nickel that does not exist in nature. PhysicsWeb 18 April 2005

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